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Through the program offered at Pointe Schools, students will gain foundational Knowledge, grow in Character, and develop Leadership skills.

Pointe Schools believes that the education of a student is a joint parent/teacher/student effort, that high standards are achievable, and that citizens with Knowledge, Character, and Leadership are vital to society.

Therefore, the themes of Knowledge, Character and Leadership are woven throughout the school experience.


Pointe students receive a superior traditional education with a “classical” emphasis. Educational requirements provide all students with a solid, balanced education. Pointe Schools defines “a classical education” as the acquisition of basic, time-tested knowledge and skills in history, languages, literature, math, reading, science, and the arts that become increasingly complex throughout the course of study. Standards are set high in the firm belief that the higher standards will lead to higher student achievement.


The value of responsibility, virtue, punctuality, obedience, compassion, orderliness, self control, and other positive universal character traits are systematically taught and modeled across the curriculum, through the Pointe Character Education Program and are reinforced throughout the year.


Leadership skills are emphasized throughout the course of study and specifically taught and modeled. Practical opportunities for applying these skills are provided throughout the year.


Pointe understands that one of the best predictors of student success is a family that encourages learning at home and is engaged in their child’s education. We are committed to developing school-home relationships characterized by mutual respect and trust, and regular, two-way communication. It is important for families to stay informed about policies, activities, and their child’s progress, and to address any areas of concern as soon as possible. Volunteering is welcome but is not required. All families have equal access to teachers and administration.


Pointe fosters an atmosphere of excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts and provides school activities that are designed to create lifelong relationships and memories. Pointe is large enough to offer the extracurricular activities that are important to a well-rounded student but small enough for each student to be known and connected.

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In addition to increasing their knowledge and skills in the core subject areas of English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies, Canyon Pointe students participate in Enrichment Classes and Fine Arts opportunities.


Enrichment Classes encourage Canyon Pointe students to expand their experiences beyond the curriculum and discover the connections between classroom learning and the real world. Classes for the 2019-2020 school year include computer and cyber protection skills along with Health/PE, Leadership and Community Skills, STEM, Music and Art weekly. The goal of these enrichment classes is to inspire students to explore and try new activities in a fun and relaxing environment.